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Greetings mac-forums. I have a quick question.

I am planning to launch a new service at my website. Where it has mostly featured examples of my photography, I will putting together material for a new service which will feature works for sale: some general, some targeted to a specific market. I have a catchy name for the service.

The service would in no way be anonymous; it will have my name, and a link to my site.

My question is, would you suggest I launch that service from my website,, or should I launch a new website with that catchy name? I have already purchased the domain name, so even if I do not give it its own website, I will set up forwarding from that domain name to the service at my personal website.

If this was you, would you have a preference? Or do you feel it is about the same either way? Other than the price of the domain name, I don't believe it costs more to fully host the domain.

Thanks very much for any replies.
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