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The common UI function will feel slower on OS X than on Windows. I think it's the first thing the switcher notices, and probably the biggest barrier for to-be-switchers.

Windows desktop is rendered in 2D only. 2D framebuffer is blazingly fast these days, so any redraw will be instantaneous.

On OS X, the desktop is rendered in 3D. 3D hardware has come a long way in recent years, but it doesn't really match the speed of 2D framebuffer.

There are ways to disable some of 3D hardware rendering through hacking system files. I'm not sure whether it'll result in faster display with 3D disabled though. Apple claims Panther with Quartz Extreme is 30% faster than without. (Quartz Extreme is the rendering engine behind the desktop)

As you use Apple computer more often, you'll kinda get used to its speed. You might be frustrated at first, because you were used to quicker rendering on Windows. Just give it some times.
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