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Originally Posted by nbkaren View Post
Thank you - that worked perfectly. I was able to save the "pages" file as an html on my desktop. Now - on a pc - I opened Groupwise and "retrieved (or F11) and was able to drop the file into the message part of the mail and it would work perfectly. I had Groupwise installed on the MAC, and Retrive is not an option any more. Can you tell me how I would bring the html file into the mail app?
I'm new to this as well, but there seems to be a few options here:

(1) What seems to be the simplest route (if it works in your situation) is to upload that html file that you created (along with its images) to your server and then open it in Safari. You can then either hit command+I or choose File>Mail Contents of This Page, your default mail program will launch and the html will be embedded. Of course, with this method, your users will have to choose whether or not to download the pictures as they will be grabbed from the server (the e-mail itself will be nice and small though). For a full explanation of this, go to

(2) Another way that I'm just testing out is to download a free copy of the Thunderbird e-mail client (from the makers of Firefox...), configure it for your uses, open up a new message and choose Insert>HTML. Thunderbird gives you a chance to embed the images as attachments (double-click on the images in the message window and choose the option to attach the file), so you can send them along with your HTML message. This may be the slickest route.

(3) There is also a small, free program called Newsletter which I've not played much with, but it looks like it has potential for all this as well. You basically just paste in a plain text version (if you want) and your HTML, address the mail and send it right from this tiny interface. (

(4) Finally, there are a number of good mail management companies out there that will do this all for you and also track results. One that I'm presently looking at (because it also has a number of good tutorials/resources) is MailChimp (

As I said, I'm only exploring myself and have no real success/failure with any of this I'm just passing on info. Hope it helps to some degree.
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