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Hey Everyone.

I've been having this error for quite some time now and it's getting a little frustrating. I've noticed that this has happened to a number of people and I have tried some of the "fixes" with no luck. I'm getting repeated sense code error, and the thing that is annoying is that they're not the same everytimg I burn.

I'll start with the one I get most often:

Medium Error

I 've tried burning at a slower speed (4x) but it also happens when using the "best" option as well.

I've also tried restarting and the "option+APPLE+p+r" thing as well with no luck. The only difference after that is that I got the same Medium Error 0x73/0x03 after of course my mac got my hopes up by completing 100% of the burn only to error with "lead in or lead out failed to be written" and then the sense code.

EDIT: Toast Titanium w/ maxell cd-r

Please help



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