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I have connected my Apple Mac G4 Powerbook to Windows Server 2003, It is not connected through samba, you dont need to reduce your password to 6 alpha or numerics.

Anyone wanting to connect to Server 2003 contact me, its too complicated to write on here, it conects just like you would on a PC, i can access all my users files as a administrator and copy them to my Mac, you dont connect via smb or the with the usual box, when I connect i get a Box with the microsoft logo and enter my usual name and password and bingo I am in.

I will help anyone with theis problem as I found Apple support totally un helpful in this area as I also did microsoft.

It really dose work!!!!! i have also synced Microsoft Entourage to my server as well no probs

You need to download from the Microsoft website UAM Enabiler and install it on your Mac

Rudi Dobson

Originally Posted by Emrys
Anybody able to connect to a Win2K3 fileserver? I made the mistake of upgrading, and the only thing that is wrong is that my iMac can't see the fileserver shares. I can see other computers shares, but not the fileserver shares.

Is this a samba client thing?

I upgraded to the latest samba in fink, I am pretty sure it is the latest on the site. But I still cannot connect. I am gettin -5000 errors.