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Originally Posted by Nicene
I can't afford a complete system, so I have decided to build a clamshell IBook from parts. What is the complete liost of parts I need? Also wehre can I buy them? I have a budget limit of $130 I want Tangerine, Lime, or Blueberry. Can anyone help me?
Me, me, pick me! About a year ago a friend of mine dropped his ibook down the stairs and broke the case and LCD. I transferred his files to his new Powerbook, and in turn he gave me the iBook. It still worked fine, but only a fourth of the LCD was still usable. Anyway, I have the whole thing except for the AC adapter, and I've been looking for a way to get rid of it. I'm too lazy to post everything on eBay. Sorry, but $130 is definitely not going to get you very far! Email me at and maybe we can work out a pretty good deal.

Andrew N. Corder
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