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Thank you for the responses and apologies that my post is a little confusing.

I have still been unable to sort out the blue screen business with my version of os 10.2.3 so I have bought a new set of cd's: os 10.3

I am now having problems installing this new version and am starting to get paranoid that Macs just do not like me!!

Error messages include:
root: bootstrap_look_up(): unknown error code
ERROR:Could not read archive file. - pax: invalid header
ERROR:Could not write file. - pax: WARNING! These patterns were not matched


Can't open package /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Library/Receipts/BaseSystem.pkg (there was an error reading the file

I have cleaned install cd.
I have run disk utility and repaired permissions and rapaired disk (there were no errors)
I have run fsck in single user (no errors)
I have run Alsoft diskwarrior (no errors)

So to summarise: I am trying to install os 10.3 but it keeps not completing and telling me that the install failed and to restart and try again.
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