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Originally Posted by nicholast7 View Post
1) from the Apple site can't seem to find the upload limit for your site. Advices?

what i meant was the upload size limit of your webpage when u design with iWeb & then publish it with .Mac..
Theorectically there is no limit on the size of your .Mac / iWeb site as long as it doesn't exceed your storage limit.

Keep in mind though that despite the upgrade to a 10GB iDisk, you are still only allowed 10GB of data throughput a month. Which means if you place 4.5GB of docs on it and a 1GB website (rather huge) and then re-download those 4.5GB of docs, all within a monthly billing cycle, you will have used your allowance and your site will be unavailable and you will not be able to transfer data to or from your iDisk until the next billing cycle.

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