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I had a small project last night to replace the CDROM drive on my eMac with a DVD-RW. I downloaded the service manual, which explains that in order to reach CDROM bay, I had to remove the speakers, fan, heat shield, motherboard, heat sink, and disk drive. Oh well, I'd like it to be easier, but not too bad.

So I went on. It took me about an hour to disassemble the eMac and finally got to the CDROM drive. I put everything back and powered it on. Then Voila!. OS X automagically recognized the new CDRW.

Now that all the difficult task is done, I wanted to put the Airport back where it was. And this damn thing just doesn't go in! No, I didn't put it upside down. I've been trying and trying and the tips of my fingers are hurting trying to wiggle it back in the slot. Is there any tip? It goes in all the way except for 1/2 inch or so. I think the problem is the airport card doesn't align with the socket on the motherboard. I just need to wiggle it to align it right. I can't believe this simple user installable component is taking more time than replacing CD drive.

Or if you live in SF bay area and can do this for $20, let me know.
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