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I had a Dell P3 500 mhz a few years back, right before i made the switch... And HOLY $#! it was awful. I had one of those slot loading drives like the ones the iBooks have(or had), and it would keep spitting out CDs ALL THE TIME... So after calling Dell 20 times to get a replacement they finally sent me one, when i opened it .... You won't believed this IT WAS ONE FOR THEIR NOTEBOOKS!! angry i called back ANoTHER 20 times... what do you know they sent me another one but it was for a different Notebook. I called back once more and SCREAMED at the Rep. I have had a Mac ever since. and i am not saying that i haven't had problems with my mac(i had bad RAM) but apple took care of it right away. ISN'T DELL SUPPOSSEDTO HAVE A+ SUPPORT... Yeah right.

Getting back to what you should buy... If you want lots of power and your not on a low budget get a powermac NOW they recently upgraded, and as i mentioned in another thread their Bus speeds are amazing. If you can't afford it, wait 1 more month and then the G5 iMacs will come out.
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