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I use my pc's for the regualr web surfing, chatting, paying bills, using Itunes and for watching DVD'S. I always get this Kernel. DLL error. I went and called Dell about it. They tried numerous function to get it to work. They asked me if I had downloaded a new file or software lately. Honeslty I did. But it was a software that will let me play DVD's on my pc. But that's about it. Honeslty the pc since I got it from Dell, crashed the first day it arrived. I can say now they sold me a lemon. They refuse to send someone out here( I had a waranty at the time) to check out my pc. Its crashed back and forth and I had to restore it over and over . Well to make a long story short, I called dell again to see if they can try to fix the problem and now my motherboard is corrupted. Whoopy
They told me Im not under warranty anymore so they honestly cant do much. Either I replace the motherboard and add more memory to my PC or buy a new PC from DELL. I am sick of it. Im sorry. If you feel that my excuse is not worth it, oh well then don't reply to me. But to me I am going to check out MAC. They may not offer the best as a PC did but probably is good enough.

Originally Posted by Avalon
I agree with MoltenLava, no OS is crash-secure, not Windows, not MacOS, not even Linux or Unix...every system can and will crash some time, it's just that Windows systems are known to crash the most. Even if since Win2000 and especially WinXP Windows became very solid, it's still behind the solidness of other systems.
Windows itself is quite solid, and as MoltenLava said, if it's well entertained, it won't crash much. But it's just much easier to mess it up than any other system, that's what makes it so weak to programmers mistakes...
Nevertheless, I still prefer MacOS X, it looks nicer, it's easier to work things around (once you know how to use it and get rid of some Windows habits) and it can do everything Windows does. Of course it's not perfect either, but, in my opinion, a lot better than Windows.

Just keep in mind that you will be using a different OS, which means you need some time to adapt to the way it works. But this time usually is quite short.
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