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Maybe it's not the computers, but it's the way the computers are used? I've also owned a lot of PCs. My computers never crashed since Win2000 came out. Mac OS X is not immune to crashes either. Look into OS X forum for various threads about kernel panics. Personally, I've never had a kernel panic on my four Macs that I own.

The advantange of Mac over PC, in my opinion, is not how less often it crashes. Both Windows and OS X rarely crash if they are properly maintained.

I'm just saying, don't set your expectation such that OS X is rock solid. If you do, and when you see kernel panic the first time, you'll turn into another one of those bitter ex-Mac user saying your new AMD laptop runs circles around dual G5, etc.

However, I think Mac is a lot better than PC in every aspect, so you should definitely get one. What computer you should get depends almost entirely on your budget. How much are you willing to spend, and what's your performance expectation?
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