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Originally Posted by aaaaliciaaaaa View Post
Question - are you running the mac version of Sims 2 as opposed to booting through BootCamp/Parallels)?

This has been my biggest concern with getting the MB (I'm thinking of switching PC->Mac), I've heard games don't do as well graphics-wise on the Mac. I'm not an intense gamer, I just have a few PC games (Sims 2, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3) that I want to play through BootCamp. Considering my current computer won't even load RCT3 because the graphics card is so old (I made the mistake of buying it, not knowing what my GFX card specs were), and I can't even play the Sims 2 because it runs THAT slow (I'm talking a frame every couple seconds), I'm not overly concerned with it being perfect, and most likely I'll have the graphics quality on the lowest level, which is what I'm used to anyway.

So just hoping that if I make the PC->Mac jump, that my few games will work alright! But good to hear yours does!
This is not to put you off, but if you plan on doing all your gaming through Bootcamp(Windows) why not just get a new windows machine?
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