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You can change the region coding, but you can only do it a set number of times (about 5) before it sets itself permanently, and you'll need to re-flash the firmware to be able to change it again. It's free, but can be tricky and dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

The easiest and most convenient (although expensive) way, if you're going to have a large library of DVDs from both regions is to buy a second DVD drive. You can get them for about 40 (and probably less), but you'll have to use VLC to play the DVDs (Apple DVD Player only supports built-in DVD drives).

Originally Posted by wytwolf View Post
There is usually a limited number of times you can change a "region code" on a dvd-rom/dvd burner. I never believed in region coded dvds, if anything it makes ppl pirate more.
I couldn't agree more. You can pay for something and have it restricted, or not pay for something and have no restrictions on it... where's the incentive to pay? I don't blame the people that take part in piracy one bit... they must be laughing at the rest of us. I think the content providers have no-one to blame but themselves for piracy.

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