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Originally Posted by NewTony View Post
I just got a Macbook Pro and I'm loving it! I also have Final Cut Studio 2 and i'm anxious to start playing. my question is about what type of firewire i need to get to capture video from my Canon hv20 camcorder. which is better, a 4-pin or a 6-pin? I see from a previous post that the 6-pin can supply the camera with power. I'm not so concerned about that, I'm just wondering what are the other important differences (if any) between 4 pin and 6 pin? differences in speed? vid quality? and if i decide to buy an external hard drive to keep my video files on, does that change my decision? thanks for any advice/answers!
It just depends what your camera will support; the FW port on the MBP is 6 pin... if the one on your camera is 6 pin, then get a 6 pin to 6 pin cable... it's it's a 4 pin port then get a 6 pin to 4 pin. The extra pins are only used for power... there's no bandwidth advantage.


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