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IS there any way to block incomping messages from a particular email address? I use the stock Mail app that came on my Intel iMac, and my email is a address.

My ISP is AT&T. I called them, but the help line just showed me how to block email for my AT&T email address (it's actually an address). But I use my .mac address for everything, and my "incoming mail server" is a .mac server. Apparently this bypasses the block we put on the sbcglobal address.

I would like to block emails from one particular email address--one particular sender. I know that using "Preferences" I can route the incoming messages directly to the trash, but that's not good enough--I need to send a message to this person that his messages are being blocked and not getting through to me.

I'd be very grateful for any help. I'm being persecuted by a really evil person, who tries every trick to make sure his emails are getting through.

If you can help...please!

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