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Well, this is my fist post and I want to make my time here a blast! People sound very nice here! It's not TOO completely crowded either! Well, here's a little about me: I love to do Webdesign, and Graphics Design. I write reviews for video games on websites throughout the web. I am also the Co-Owner of a Mac website named iOnMac. We're a growing community. I also like to go bike riding, hang out with friends, and lots more. If you'd like the link to the site, it's in my signature. If that doesn't work for you, here is the link:

or, you can go to this link which takes you to the same place.

Note: If you're running in Windows, click the "Apple Logo" on the "" page will cause an error. Mac users are fine either way. And for the Windows users, if you do get that problem in Internet Explorer, use another browser like Firefox, or use the second link listed above.

I hope this doesn't count as advertising, I mean. Anything DOES go here right?
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