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I have a "new for me" Dual G5 500 and I'm trying to understand single vs. dual CPU's.

I'm sitting here watching the dual 500 processors on the Activity Monitor. If the "bars" on the Activity Monitor never go above the halfway point does that mean I'd run just as fast on a single 500 CPU?? (under these exact same conditions)

(obviously I'm not doing any graphics intensive work - Safari, Dreamweaver, Fetch, Mail, FileMaker Pro, etc,.)

I just purchased a Sonnett 1GHz card so that can run apps requiring speed greater than 500mHz. Which is faster.. A 1GHz maxed out or Dual 500's maxed out?

I assume that IN GENERAL in a NON-GRAPHICS related environment a faster Single cpu is preferred over a Slower 500?? (ie: you can run a wider variety of apps).
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