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Originally Posted by ste6168 View Post
If I understand correctly, you just want to move the music from PB to your iMac and add the music from your PB to the iMacs library? This can be done easily with an external hdd, just drag the iTunes folder from the PB onto the external, disconnect it, plug it into the iMac and add that folder to you library. Without and external, you could use a firewire cable, attach the two computers with that. Hold T while booting the PB and a blue screen will come up and the PB will be recognized by the iMac as an external drive. Then from there, navigate to your music folder and add it to iTunes. Either would work, but if you have duplicate songs on either computer they will be added twice (unless the ID3 tags are exactly the same). At that point you could use "view" "show duplicates" and go through and manually delete the duplicate songs...

hth, ste
Huh, that's a pretty sweet solution. Thanks man!
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