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Okay I am new to this forum and the whole mac lap top world, altho I am familiar with the mac and yada yada. Okay I'm very much into editing video and movies and I was making a idvd project. When I went to burn the project it burned fine (the process anyways) but when I went to play the dvd on my dvd player it didnt read it and then I put the dvd back in my mac and it didnt play it either.

I used a dvd+R, 4.7 gb and I know my superdrive can burn anything (-R, -RW, +R, +R rw, etc using a mac book pro with the os x tiger) so I'm wondering if thats the problem, but I have no clue why it burns and then the DVD is virtually unreadible and I've put it in my pc dvd player, 2 dvd players in my house, and the mac laptop one.

I even burned a disc image to see if that helped and nothing.

Can anyone help me, or should I just use dvd-Rs instead of the dvd+Rs???
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