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Originally Posted by muso
iaminvincible, your image tags might not be relative. Look in your code (open one of your html files with text edit) and find somewhere it says <img src=" "> - if the text inside the quotes is not something simple like "images/top.gif" or just "top.gif" then the images won't display online.
well this is what it says:
<p><img src="Image-CE203D17C39711D8.jpg" width="796" height="599" /></p>
you see, I looked at the sites folder in my idisk, and what I have noticed, is that there are no image files in the sites folder. There are only html documents there which are my other webpages I have made using their templates on the .mac site. So I don't know how those pages in the sites folder are linked to the pictures in my 'pictures' folder in my idisk. but dreamweaver does not let me link my photos from photos in my idisk. and ofcourse, putting the photos that are in the page i made, in the sites folder doesn't work.

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