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OK, someone please confirm this for me.

Open .Mac prefs, go to Sync, make sure you're syncing iCal. Sync it up, then go to and log into your .Mac account on the web. You'll see all the stuff on the left nav: contacts, calendar, mail. Everything is sync'd up except calendar! If you click the link for the calendar, it just gives you this lame page:

People at the Apple store couldn't even help me with this. And one of the guys there SWEARS a few months ago, he would log into .Mac and see that calendar on the home page with blue and red dates, and all his info would be there. So he said, well, open iCal and use 'Publish.' Um, no. If I do that, it's a public calendar for anyone to see, and there's no way I can see to protect it. .Mac sync should sync up my iCal appts on the .Mac web site just like it does with Address Book. Why does it not??

Did Apple take this down temporarily to fix some problems?
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