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Originally Posted by branden8712 View Post
it boots upto a blue screen with the courser .im a mac noob plz help
from my experiance with my ibook...
I get this and it's because I have a fault with the logic/motherboard...
if this is the case with you.. u might have a big problem..


This is just with ibooks...
Problems with booting have been solved literally by holding a few buttons while starting up...

try these...

Emergency! My iBook won't turn on! (and other power issues...)
If you are experiencing trouble with power issues, such as:
- Battery charging problems
- Sudden loss of power whilst running off battery
- iBook refuses to switch on
then you might need to reset the PRAM (Parameter RAM) or the PMU (Power Management Unit).

To reset the PRAM, hold Apple-Option-P-R simultaneously at the Apple logo.
To reset the PMU, hold down “Shift-Control-Option-Power “.

(Neither of these should delete any data - some settings might be lost >though)


Try booting in single user mode and perform a disk scan:
On any Mac OS X box, you can enter “single-user mode” by holding down command-S at startup. This gives you a root prompt and a read-only hard drive, from which you can commence your life of quiet desperation, er, troubleshooting.
Normally, you would do this to repair the drive

:# fsck -y

This is exactly equivalent to booting off the install CD and repairing your disk using Disk Utility. In Mac OS X, Disk Utility is a graphical frontend on top of fsck. It works just as well in single-user mode because the drive is mounted read-only, so there’s no chance of files being modified while the repair is running.
If fsck tells you that the file system was modified, reboot immediately

:# reboot

Repeat until fsck reports no errors. It is now safe to exit single-user mode and continue booting normally

:# exit

Not forgeting:

General OS X tips:

Some of you might already be familiar with these tips, but I mention them anyway, as often these 3 things can solve glitches in Applications or OS X…

1. Repair disk permissions: Go to ‘Applications -> Utilites -> Disk Utility’ and select your Startup disk from the column on the left. The hit the ‘Repair Disk Permissions’ button.

2. Run crons (regular system maintenance): Download a utility such as
‘Cocktail' (shareware): or
‘OnyX’(free): from Versiontracker and run the maintenance scripts.

3. Reboot OS X. Sounds simple, but can work wonders…


This is mainly for ibooks so it might carry different results..
but it shudn't loose you any data.. if you follow all the surgestions you might loose some preferances.. (like ur application bar will go back to default settings etc..)

but OnyX is highly recommended once ur up and running!!!

command is the apple key..
option is the alt key...
and preferably hold those keys down asap after hitting the power button..

Give it a go.. sounds like you have nothing to loose..

post r results aswell...
*fingers crossed*
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