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I recently bought a 15.4" Macbook Pro 2.4GHz and installed Vista Ultimate on it using Bootcamp 1.3

Everything worked fine for a while, but lately I've been having all sorts of weird problems.

1. Random restarts
3. Plain black screen when logging-in to Vista
4. System not shutting down properly, getting stuck on PREPARING TO SHUTDOWN
5. Most bizarre, I just had my system go to 100% CPU utilization (verified under Performance in Task Manager) but when I checked Processes, none of them was using even 2%. My system was stuck on 100% CPU utilization, became totally unresponsive, and became absolutely SCALDING HOT as a consequence. I hit "STOP ALL INTERNET ACTIVITY" under Zone Alarm and the CPU utilization fell to around 50% but remained there. So I thought I would turn ZA off to see if that was hogging the resources. Turned it off and the CPU Util went straight back up to 100%. I had to hard power down the system.

I'm a bit concerned that my system may have a rootkit or something. Anybody else facing these / similar problems and what can I do to fix them? I'm thinking I may just reinstall Vista.

I can't only use OS X because I need to run PC apps as well (which is why I bought a Macbook Pro in the first place!)
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