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Hi everyone.

I live in the UK which is Region 2, and I own a lot of Region 1 DVDs. My new Macbook Pro won't play them, let alone copy them. I don't want to change my drive code, I'm not willing to hack the drive, and all the work arounds have failed since it's a recent model and not even VLC will work.

I'm planning to buy a new external USB DVD drive, and simply set it to Region 1 permanantly, and just use it whenever I'm using my Region 1 discs.

My questions are these:

Will it be possible to do this? Can I have one drive as region 2 and the other as region 1, or will it just get grumpy and make me have them both the same?

Will I still be able to copy and burn on this new drive, even though the other one is region 2? Or would there be errors if the data could conflict somehow from the regions being different?

Or does anyone know of an external DVD drive which is automatically region free, much like my friends DVD player (for his TV, though, not a computer.)

I can't help thinking how much better the world would be if these movie production companies dropped DVD regions altogether - oh wait, that'd be too easy.
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