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Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
please go away and don't come back unless you can give some real, legitimate sources for all this amazing knowledge you have so kindly dropped on us. 3G by christmas, I'll give you 10:1 odds that it won't happen.
Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
Thanks for the articles, but I didn't find this quote in any of them! Also, didn't see any claims of the phone coming out in Christmas. I like how you semi-retracted your own statement about the update by Christmas by saying it may be a rumor. Gee, ya think?? At first you came off like you have first-hand irrefutable knowldge. Either way, I'll take your bet!

You're probably right about one thing, Steve probably is to blame for lack of any discount on the phone with contract. It sounds like instead of AT&T subsidizing a discount with part of the monthly contract profits, they're sending that part of the profits to Apple. AT&T still makes their money, Apple takes our piece intended for a phone discount, and we get screwed by their greediness! (well, not me, I didn't buy one!)
I made the part about the phone up the you know what, but basically Verizon told Apple No, we don't need your product.

the 3g version availability has not hit the press yet. But since Apple is working with Vodafone in Europe to offer the iphone over there it will be 3g at release. Vodafone is not to thrilled with Apple either.

apple is getting all the profits form the iphone, and a small percentage of the monthly service plan. Im not sure about what percent. So AT&T is really not making money on this deal. whic is another reason Verizon backed out of the deal
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