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I posted the below in another post, but wanted to share it here.

Everyone is griping about the iphone only being available on the AT& wireless network.

Why you ask, read below and get informed.
Apple went to Verizon Wireless first to support the iphone.

if you Google search you will find this info.

Apple and Verizon wireless had been working together for better part of a year, then Verizon Wireless told Steve Jobs to shove the iphone up his I LOVE SPARKLY DOLLIES. The demands Apple wanted were not flexible and gave Apple WAY (and I mean WAY) too much control over the device.

The Only other wireless carrier able to distribute and support the iphone was AT&T.

T-mobile, Sprint and Alltells networks are NOT nearly as good as either AT&T or Verizon. They never will be.
You dont push a high end neato gadget with the # 3 or # 4 carrier in the wireless market, Its NOT good business sense.

one of the problems AT&T had with apple was AT&T wanted to lower the price of the iphone to better appeal to the consumer as well as more attractive rate plans. Apple demanded the pricing be set to where they are today and would not budge. AT&T bowed down to Apple.

So you can thank Steve Jobs, NOT AT&T, for the cost and ALL the short falls of your over priced gadget.

yes a 3g version will be out just in time for Christmas.... suckers
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