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Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
rcltrh, Apple has advertised that the iPhone will be able to sync not only with Entourage, but also Outlook on PC's (from what I've read in the major tech blogs), so there must be a way. Give Apple a call to find out how to do it.

I'm also surprised you can't sync via Bluetooth. Maybe it has something to do with keeping people from tethering their laptops to them, but that's no excuse. It should be possible.
It does sync with the calendar and contacts portions of these programs, just not the email and email account info side. I did a lot of searching and even in apple's own forums they say it will only sync with Apple for the email info. What I haven't found out yet is if I am at work or out of the house, check my email with the iPhone, have some messages and stuff in there, then go back home and sync the phone, does it dump those messages into, not do anything with them at all and just let me get them again in entourage (that's what I hope it does), or something else. My HP iPaq running Windows Mobile/Outlook will just download my messages so I can read or respond, but leaves them on the server unless I specifically tell it to delete from server so that once I log in on my Mac I still get all my emails in entourage, even ones that I already saw. I also had my Razr setup to do the same. I'll play with it today and see how it works with that regard.

As for the sync with bluetooth or wifi I think that is inexcusable in today's technology world. Especially given that I have been able to do it with my old iPaq since 2004, and especially since I have a bluetooth/wifi iMac, ditto powerbook, along with the iPhone, and even an Apple Airport Extreme Wifi router. From what it appears, the cable is the same as an iPod cable so I'm going to attempt later on to see if that is the case. If so I will just leave my iPod cable attached to the iMac and use it for both. Still inexcusable though at this point.
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