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I figured it was something wrong with my computer, so i did a clean install of the operating system. doing updates, i chose not to install 10.4.10, thinking it may have been he problem... a still crashed... then yesterday... the Settings folder (the one that looks like a light switch) crashed while i was changing the screen saver , it said it quit unexpectdidly... so i figued maybe installing x11 is causing these problems. well, i did another clean install and did not install x11, just came to this website, and safari crashed again.

i am wondering what would have happened to cause the the settings folder to crash. i am not having any other problems on any other web sites, and this website works great with Camino browser. i am just a bit concerned why the settings folder crashed. so far it has not crashed with this install of the OS>

if anyone has any ideas, please post as i am stumped!
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