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Hello all...

I have a question that I'm unable to find an answer for on my own...silly as it may be, I just want to make sure that my beloved blackbook is "fine".

The other day, I noticed that one of the screws on the back of my notebook, next to the hinge on the back, was a little loose (slightly hanging out) so I decided to go around and tighten the screws around the case. All were tight except the two next to the hinge.

When I started to tighten them, i notice they do not come to a definite "stop" so I just turned until it was firm and 1/8th turn. I notice on other MBs I've looked at online that they are either flush or slightly recessed--mine are about .5mm recessed but all seems fine.

Now I may be OCD (in fact I'm almost sure of it) but I just want to make sure this is normal. My last Mac was a 12" PB and everything was Aluminum/metal, since everything is plactic I'm naturally a little curious/concerned.

Many thanks!

PS: I can't find a high-res shot of the back of any Macbooks online (each is too small to tell) to see if this is normal.
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