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I'm getting sick of seeing millions of iPhone threads around here, mainly because I'm posting them non-stop So I'll be updating this thread with information relating to the iPhone rather than posting individual posts. I put it here in the Rumors & Reports section instead of the iPhone section because this thread will have the latest news on the iPhone.

If you find anything good about the iPhone, please post in here and I will update this first post.

Latest News:
29.June.2007 Apple adds a number of short video tutorials entitled "Finger 'Tips'" on using the iPhone's features (watch all of them on YouTube)
29.June.2007 iTunes 7.3 released (required for iPhone)
29.June.2007 Official iPhone Accessories unveiled
28.June.2007 AT&T users seeing EDGE boost to over 200 kbit/sec (read comments for more speed tests)
28.June.2007 Jobs buys iPhones for all Apple employees
28.June.2007 Apple lays down iPhone purchase rules -- max 2 per person (Engadget)

News Coverage

News Coverage:
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Engadget (Engadget) RSS Feed
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Official AT&T iPhone website (AT&T)
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Tech Specs (Apple)
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Service Plan Listing (my post)
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iPhone Finder (FindNearby)
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Finger "Tips" short video tutorials (Apple)
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