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I love my music, movies, will my adobe suite, limewire, winamp etc still work, or do i have to purchase new alternatives?
How hard is it to run windows applications whilst booted in mac os?
Will my logitech g5 mouse work with a new macbook?
Whilst trying a macbook at a shop, i was anoyed by the auto-save on exit, is there a way to turn this off or is it somthing i will have to get used to?
I have herd that this wonderful pre-installed software mac boosts is a free trial version only. will i have to pay a whole load of money to use the software after the first month?
The application frames look dull, grey and boring, is there a way to skin them like you can with windows? pitty really since osx is a work of art.
How is compatability between a macbook and a desktop pc ? i.e transfering files and the likes.
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