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UPDATE: Apple Hardware Test v2.5 (finally got a copy of one) ran completely fine on the machine, both regular and extended versions. The AHT doesn't run tests on the hard drive or hard drive parts, so perhaps that's why it passed correctly. The same Powerbook G4 Install/Restore CD set booted up correctly, but it said the restore "...could not be installed on this machine" (???) but the same install set works fine on my 12" G4 1.5Ghz powerbook.

OSX Startup Disk recognized my hard drive, so that gave me hope... I swapped in an old hard drive (with an existing Tiger installation) I had from my iBook G3 900Mhz machine, and the powerbook booted up without a problem! (I didn't know hard drives were swappable between different generation processors and speeds! This definitely beats Windows computers and compatibility Also makes it easier for software piracy!!!)

So I still have problems getting Tiger Install disks to boot up on the machine, and TechTool Deluxe can't get past the "scanning for volumes" test startup... but the computer runs flawlessly if it has a harddrive with an existing OSX installation!

I guess I'll have to make sure I have a backup hard drive with OSX installed in case the hard drive ever goes bad... but I guess it might be hard to upgrade to Leopard in the future. I've verified that a Carbon Copy Cloner imaged hard drive swaps in and boots fine!
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