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i also just bought an external monitor for my macbook. the apple cinemas are nice of course, but very pricey. unless you have deep pockets, i'd go for another brand. i'd check out dell, samsung, and acer as my favorites. the macbook has a mini-dvi and most monitors use a dvi. so you need to pick up a dvi to mini-dvi adaptor. most monitors come with a dvi cable so that's all you need!
as far as a specific monitor, i just got the Acer X222W from for about 280 bucks. it's a fantastic monitor (22''). They also make a 19/20'' for under 200 bucks. it has a glossy screen that is very similar to the macbook's screen. Dell and Samsung also have very nice models.
One tip... I'd recommend using a bluetoooth keyboard and mouse with the monitor/macbook to complete the perfect macbook desktop. I suggest you check out this article as it helps get it working perfectly. Good luck
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