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Sorry to jump onto this thread but I am having similar problems.

I have a wireless 802.11G router (it's a BT Home Hub - which I think is made by Thompson) and a 160GB Apple TV my music is ripped to Apple Lossless format and it is taking between 5-10 minutes to Sync a song. I have ordered an Airport Extreme but my order with Apple will take 4-6 weeks.

I turned off all my network security and still got the same issue.

Streaming also wont work very well, it takes about 1 minute to start a song / podcast and then every few seconds the playback stops for about 30 seconds before it restarts.

Could I just sync the bulk of my library via a Ethernet cable and after that sync the stuff I download and rip via wireless connections (that way the bulk of my 100GB library is on there)? I have seen this link saying it's possible but it does not say if I can sync the new stuff I add to my library via wireless (I am also not sure which cable to get either)?
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