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Hey everyone,
I have a refurbished al powerbook g4, 1.5ghz, 15 inch that was purchased April of 06. The one year limited warranty had run out, and I didn't buy applecare, because I didn't have the $. I had my screen hinges tightened last January, and last late march, early april. Now it seems they need to be tightened every 90 or so days . That really pisses me off, but the problem with this last repair is that I'm on a vacation right now, and need my laptop, and I will be on vacation when the warranty runs out. The questions are can I arrange something with apple so I can take my powerbook in for repair when I return from my vacation, and will they do something else about this? (replacement, store credit, etc, etc), because I will need to take in my powerbook in for repair every 90 or so days, and that is annoying.

Thanks for the help.
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