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benefits of increased popularity like more software developers? Personally I can't visualise Windows switchers coding Mac applications within a time frame of at least 1 year.

By mac users not promoting macs, we can slow down the possible treat of a virus. It's about slowing it down, instead of a rude abrupt call for Mac users that their system is not secure at all

Apple and the Mac community have long touted OS X as being malware-free. MS fanboys are chomping at the bit for some major exploit or virus to be released for the Mac. It hasn't come. I think the latest estimates put market share at something like 22 million installed users. It still hasn't come. Darwin (the OS X kernel) is open-source, freely available to be studied and exploited. It still hasn't come. Tutorials for installing hacked copies of OS X on non-Apple hardware are all over the Internet. It still hasn't come.
What's the 22 million when it is only about 2% of the world's computer market share (

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