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Just food for thought,
I know this may sound selfish, but we should stop promoting Macs to Windows users. Stop saying that the hardware is not more expensive, the system is more reliable and there are no viruses for Macs.

Because as more Windows users switch to Mac, Mac's market share will go up and with a higher market share, sooner or later there would be a Mac Virus.

Come on, admit it, the only reason why macs don't have viruses is because the market share is too small, not because it runs on Unix or any other reasons, but because virus creators are simply too lazy to target Mac users. Now, when the market share gets bigger, some guy may just decide "Hey, look, the Mac's market share is getting bigger and bigger, why don't we create a Mac virus and have some fun?". In fact, it will be terribly funny to develop a virus for LEOPARD, just as the Mac's market is rising super quickly

And when this virus strikes, almost all of us will be infected. We are blinded by our own confidence that we forgo an anti virus program. How many of us actually use a anti virus program. I dare say less than 20 ppl would use such a program, and I will admit I am one of those who don't use any anti virus program for my Mac. (Except maybe for macscan, but that's more for spyware - Yes, there is spyware for macs)

So fellow Mac users, let's stop promoting our excellent OS to other users =)

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