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Thank you guys for this PRECISE and clear bundle of solutions. I'll give it a try this weekend. The HUB yes I figured that was the USB solution, as for the keyboard USB extra port the thing is I did try that but it seemed "dead", so I suspected that the power in the Mac did not suffice (I wanted to connect my EPSON R1800 printer...)

As for the sharing I'm very glad to hear that it is possible to do (tired of using a external hard drive, unplug it, plug it , unplug it .. etc..)

PS By One Workstation what I meant was working with both my PC and my Mac simultaneously, say for example having In design running on my Mac mini and transfering a big image made with Photoshop CS3 on my PC to the Mac and put in in my Indesign document. (Working typography on PC is a drag..)

Thanks again !
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