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Not that I've got every thing worked out, but:
1. You don't need samba, unless you like it
2. File & Print services for Macintosh must be installed
3. A "share" must be created, and shared to Apple Macintosh Users (hard to verify this without using the share wizard)
4. Share permissions (as opposed to folder & file permissions, aka NTFS permissions) should be "wide open," that is Everyone should have Full Control. Without this step, no matter what NTFS right you think you have, you will not be able to create folders or share files. It's far easier (and more flexible) to manage just the NTFS permissions without complicating it with share permissions.
5. Make sure you have NTFS permissions to create and save files and folders (typically, the "Modify" permission) on the folder that is shared
6. Additionally, on the Mac share (this is viewed on the WS03 server, Computer Management mmc, System Tools|Shared folders|Shares), ensure that on the General tab, under SFM Volume Security, that "This volume is read-only" is unchecked - or you may not see it when you attempt to connect from your Mac.
7. Be nice to your windows geek. They know not to whom they've sold their soul. On the other hand, this ain't NT4, and they need to have a clue. If any of the above 6 steps leaves them glassy eyed, push for an X-server, or you may never have network storage space.