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Originally Posted by lefrenchleaf View Post
Here it is. I have recently aquired a Mac Mini (the older version with G4 processor...) 1 GB ram and 80 GB Hard drive. Very nice ! However, since I work on very large and detailled graphics + illustrations it is simply too slow with Photoshop CS2 (often 2 GB image with all layers...). Now I have in my posession a very powerful PC wih 3 GB RAM and 3,5 Ghz motherboard making it ideal for working on. (ugly it is windows XP, but very fast with my configuration...) I have a switch, belkin, allowing me to use same keyboard, Intuos graphic tablet and monitor for both computers. What I would like to know is how I can connect these two into one "workstation". (I'd like to be able to work on a huge image, then flatten it, and easily transfer it to my mac mini for working fonts and other design to add to the illustration....)

Also, is there a to use more USB hardware with my mac mini ? Can I add USB ports or do I have no way of adding more hardware than 2 to my mac mini ? (say printer; scanner and Mac keyboard for example)

Bit too much text, sorry but couldn't be more ... concise...

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions !!!!

Absolutely! You simply need to network the two computers together. The easiest way is to create a Shared Folder on your Windows computer and then connect your Mac to that Shared folder. Follow this guide to setup a Shared Folder on Windows:

Then follow this guide to connect your Mac to that Shared Folder:

Your computers must be on the same network, so you need to have a hardware network before you can do the software part. Make sure they are both hooked up to some sort of networking device such as a router or switch.

As far as adding more USB ports, all you need is a USB hub. Here is a link to a good one that splits 1 USB port into 7 USB ports:

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