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Hello all it's my first time posting here and i must say i love the site. I've been Reading around and can't seem to find my answer. I recently purchased a PowerMac G3 Blue & White from eBay for $31.00 (i stole it from ebay lol) here are the specs.

# 400MHz PowerPC G3 CPU
# 416MB RAM
# 40GB HDD (IBM Deskstar)
# DVD/CD-RW GCC-44808 drive
# IOMEGA ZIP 100MB drive
# ATI Radeon 7000 (RV100) 64MB VRAM with D-SUB, DVI and S-VIDEO ports
# Realtek 802.11B Wireless card
# 1 x FireWire port
# 2 x USB ports
# 1 x Ethernet port
# OS X 10.4.9

The problem im having is the Processor, i want to do and upgrade to a 1.0Ghz PowerLogix card, i know the card will work in my system but i've notced OS X doesnt support CPU upgrades will this pose a problem? Im new to Mac i am a PC Tech not a Mac genius any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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