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Buying a Mac (or iMac in your case) is nothing like the PC experience. I have bought both but have been all Mac at home since the mid 80's.

If you wait till the new version, you will get sticker shock. Every Mac purchase is a reach down deep and pony up experience. More expensive - absolutely. On average I have 7 years out of every Mac I have owned. Hardware took them to the curb not OS experiences generally. My last was 8 years on a gen 2 iMacDV (purple) that lasted till I bought the 24" iMac. I went OWWWW and then ponied up the $2100 to buy the beast. As a point to consider, my iMacDV (Purple) cost me $2100 and I got lots of time and pleasure.

For work I have a G4 867 that has worked for me now into the 6th year. So the message is if you flip the PC boxes every two years - do the math and the answer will be "Yes" you pay more but the experience makes up for it.

AND if you have to have XP you can for $100 more with Parallels. I bought with the 24", running XP on one screen and OS X on the other (yep two very large screens). It works perfect and you will love it.

Shop the Apple store the weekend closest to the 1st of the month for the "refreshed" sale. Do your homework and jump in.
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