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hello fellow mac-aholics! i'm switching to mac very soon (15 inch powerbook g4!) and am in desperate need of some feedback.

i've been a pc user my whole life, and have no mac experience whatsoever. the only experience i have of it was a touch of the keyboard. technically, zero experience.

so, my major is graphic design and will be spending loads of time using photoshop. photoshop was installed on my pc and i managed to burn it on a cd, tried installing on a different pc and tada! works like a pro

anyway, will i be able to install photoshop using this same cd?

also, if you have any advice you can give a total newbie- ie: any programs i should download, what programs to run when i recieve it, things to check before the purchase etc.. pls let me know! thanks!

p.s: i am SOOO looking forward to my 15 inch powerbook g4 purchase! it may be very pricey, but then again.. there is no mac in heaven right? carpe diem! CHEERS!
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