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I too am sick of my PC, a 3 year old HP pavilion, But I have had a Compaq in the past so “I feel your pain” I have been pouring over goggle forums on iMacs for the last month or so. That’s when I really started thinking about ponying up for an iMac. Seems real good from what I read. I was tuned into the Mac rumor sights which all predicted a new iMac update in June but now it looks like it will be delayed longer. I am trying to hold out until the present 24” iMac is updated.
My HP is getting buggy and I want to jump from the PC ship. This is what I have researched on buying a new iMac
The good:
most seem to really like their iMacs
Impressive looking machine
Less buggy then PCs
Customer service personnel that speak American English!!!
Apple stores that are close, And I must tell you I am impressed with the Apple stores over PC stores; it’s a different atmosphere then the PC Stores.
The bad: pricey
The RAM is less upgradeable then PCs
No media card readers
I don’t believe the USB ports are in the front and are limited in numbers
No double DVD bays
I see a new iMac in my future but im limping along with my PC for now, if you can wait? then wait. if not the new 24" iMac looks impressive.
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