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Hey everyone, I just got a Macbook Pro last month and I'm happy to say it's the best laptop I've ever had. Very happy I went with a Mac instead of a PC. Anyway, I have a few questions:

I love how MBP's come with bluetooth installed, but when I tried connecting my Jabra BT620's, I soon learned to find that there's no A2DP. Anyone know if Apple is going to come out with a firmware upgrade before Leopard?

I looked around for a workaround, which I did, but it requires an install of X11. I really don't think X11 is installed on my MBP and that's a problem because I can't seem to find my OS boot disks. I asked a friend if I could borrow his from his Macbook and it keeps telling me I'm not allowed. Is there anyway I can get X11 from somewhere? Even torrents?

Lastly, and it's kind of a weird question, but I think it has to do with Bootcamp. I did install XP (its for college ) and the clock's between the OS's are different. Like, when Mac has the right time, Windows is 6 hours ahead. And when Windows had the right time, Mac is 6 hours behind. Is there something to fix this? It's not a big deal, but i'd like it fixed.

Thanks all! Great to be here!
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