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Originally Posted by kgeier82 View Post
go on newegg, buy a nice firewire 400 enclosure 3.5", 40-50$.

try to get one that has a sata internal connection. and just buy a 500gb hd for 130$

under 180$ you can have something that would cost over 200$

or, if u just wanna get something...look at the Western Digital MyBooks.

they come in usb only, usb/fw400, and i think there is one that is fw800.

usb will be cheapest, but id spend the extra 15$ and get the one with fw400.
theres a link, just get what u want size wise.
Thank you~ the suggestions that you gave, do i have to do any formating at all? and if you dont might, can you explain to me a little bit about why the whole formating and compitibility problem with mac?

thx again
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