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Originally Posted by lbtrix
I just got a powerbook g4 with superdrive, can anyone tell me what software I need to get in order to burn dvd's.

I think what he means is, what ripping/compressing software is out there for mac to burn dvds.

i may be wrong, but if thats what you are looking for, here is what to try:

-rip a dvd use MacTheRipper
-compress a dvd from 6-7gigs to 4.4gigs use DVD2OneX 1.3

this is not illegal to do, im not promoting piracy, you can make backups of dvd's you own. there is another thread from a while back on this topic in video section i think. or if you want you can check out for some other rippers/compressors. once the dvd is under 4.4 gigs you can burn it with toast.

here is how its done:

1. put dvd in
2. open mactheripper
3. rip to desktop (estimated time: 40 min)
4. open dvd2onex
5. select the video_ts file in movie folder that mactheripper made on your desktop
6. choose your audio files (if you want better quality, only select the english ones)
7. change 4470mb to 4450mb (this makes sure toast wont complain that it is too big for a dvd.)
8. click the start button and make a folder for your compressed file (not the original folder that mactheripper made) (takes 25ish minutes to compress)
9. open toast
10. select DVD-ROM (UDF) on the left side panel
11. go to Disc > New Disc and make a new disc
12. name the disc the name of the movie (or what you want the name to be)
13. drag the compressed video_ts file under the New Disc
14. burn!

if you follow those steps, you can hardly go wrong... if you have any questions, private message me

**note** dvd2onex cost money to download...i think its like $50...i cant remember.... but mactheripper is free

**EDIT** only use DVD-R to burn dvds... DVD+R wont work i believe
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