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In all fairness I have found that, that is life when it come to computers. I belong to many forums, and on the ones that have a section to discuss computers in general, I have read all kinds of computer horror stories, for both Mac and PC.

I think the worse story that I read, was this one lady bought a brand new computer. She plugged it in, turned it on, and it exploded, followed by a puff of smoke coming out of the top of the Tower. If I had read all of those stories before I bought my first computer, then I never would have bought one. I would have said, "Forget it! This technology isn't perfected yet."

What I have leared about computers over the past two years is this. They are like buying brand new cars. You pick the car that you want. However, you have either picked the best one in the lot, or you picked the lemon, and you don't know which one it is going to be until you get it home.

Well, it works the same way in the computer world. You can buy their most top of the line model. However, you grabed the one that is either the best one on the shelf, or you grabed the lemon.

When I go on the many forums that I belong to and go onto their computer section. I see an endless list of horror stories for both PC and Mac. I mean I am reading those post and really gasping in absolute shock.

However, I feel your pain. I wouldn't like buying a brand new Mac or PC and to get it home and work, and work, and work on it just so it can sort of work. If I pay a but kicking price tag for a computer, I expect a but kicking performance from it. With no hassels. Nobody likes having to teach their computer how it is suppose to act.

All that I can say on your behalf at this point is good luck with Plan B.