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To be honest, I never used that plugin at all. But the website says it is compatible with WP 2 so you might want to try it. Just make sure you backup your blog (you should have a backup plugin within your WP installation - it would be under the Manage tab in your WP Dashboard) before changing anything.

And as for the Flickr javascript, you simply copy/paste it into your sidebar .php file.

If it's only a photo you host on the same server as your WP blog, just input the image source URL and resize the photo within the img src tag somewhere in your sidebar .php file once again.

Edited to add:

You might want to doa search in the WP forums to see if there is any problems with the plugin and WP 2.2.

Here's a list of WP 2.2 compatible plugins. As far as I can see this plugin is not in the compatible list but that doesn't mean anything: it could simply be because no one has reported it as working yet. I would search the support forum first to see if anyone is experiencing problems with it.

And if ever you want to change your theme one day, here's a list of WP 2.2 compatible themes.
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